Vacation Plantation

With unparalleled access to America’s most popular plantation houses, archaeologist, Lauren Cudmore, goes on a journey to uncover why millions of tourists continue to flock to these sites, while conveniently forgetting their horrific past.

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Vacation Plantation

A film by Alex Bezeau

Today, in the American South, there are as many historic plantation sites open to the public as there are Krispy Kreme locations across the United States. These sites indulging tourists’ fantasies, rather than the horrific realities of the past. Vacation Plantation grants unparalleled access to the modern American plantation tourism industry – from the priorities of today’s plantation owners, to the political balancing act of State representatives, to the descendants of the enslaved fighting for change. Archaeologist, Lauren Cudmore, goes on a journey to understand why millions of tourists continue to vacation at these sites of historic trauma.

Years of production: 2023/2024

Country: United States

Duration: 77

The Team

Alex Bezeau

Hailing from Canada’s capital, Alex Bezeau has a passion for finding stories that need to be told and asking questions that need to be answered. A flame that was originally lit as a teenager, while filming a documentary with his father on Canadian residential schools. With a Master of Arts in international relations and a professional career spent in the Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence, he has travelled a unique path to filmmaking. His passion for storytelling through film only growing with the creation of Blue Lobster Tales and now, with his first feature-length documentary – Vacation Plantation. This project cementing his love for crafting a story through film, from concept to final edit.

Lauren Cudmore

An east coast girl at heart, Lauren Cudmore is an archaeologist and public historian, with a Master of Arts in anthropology. She has spent her professional career within a national museum conducting research and analysis, but has always been drawn to public history, connecting people with the past. A passion she further developed as the web series host of Blue Lobster Tales, and through the production of the feature-length documentary – Vacation Plantation. This, a culmination of her passion for connecting the past and present, while unlocking a new-found love of producing.

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